I have a B.Ed degree, and I spent seven years as a High School Science Teacher, and two years as an Outdoor Educator, so it’s safe to say that I value and enjoy teaching! I love connecting with students, exploring ideas, breaking down concepts so they are easier to understand, and of course, getting to those coveted “Aha!” moments.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistant/Tutorial Instructor for ASCI* 1120 (Inquiry & Society II) Winter 2021
University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

  • Taught 2 weekly (synchronous, online) tutorial discussion sections for a 1st year interdisciplinary class, approx. 20 students per section;
    • Led discussions and activities to further explore the course material from the pre-recorded lectures; acted as the primary point of contact for students during the course
  • Addressing student questions and concerns throughout the semester
  • Marking several written and creative student assignments and tests, provided detailed feedback to students

Teaching Assistant/Seminar Instructor for BIOL* 2400 (Evolution) Fall 2020
University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

  • Co-taught 3 weekly seminar sections (synchronous, online) for approx. 50 students each
    • Led discussions and interactive activities to further explore the course material from the (asynchronous) lectures and readings
  • Addressed student questions and concerns throughout the semester
  • Marked student assignments and tests, provided feedback to students

High School Teaching Experience

High School Teacher                                                        2013-Jan 2020
Winston-Knoll Collegiate & Sheldon-Williams Collegiate, Regina, SK                                          

  • Major Courses taught: Grade 11 & 12 Computer Science, Grade 11 Environmental Science, Grade 9 & 10 Science, Grade 11 Biology, Grade 11 Health Science, Math 9 & 10, English 9-11
  • Participated in multiple collaborative teaching arrangements and cross curricular projects and events to support and extend student learning
  • Extracurricular Commitments:
    • Created a Coding and Robotics Club, including taking students to a provincial Robotics competition 4 years in a row. Awarded a Best Buy School Tech Grant of $24,300
    • Created the school’s Craft Club. Assistant coach for the Curling team, and helped with the Outdoor Club trips, as well as co-organizing the annual Multicultural Day performance

Outdoor Education Experience

Interpretive Program Guide (Naturalist)                                      2011-2012
Grand River Conservation Authority
Guelph Lake and Rockwood Nature Centres, ON    

  • Taught experiential outdoor education programs on science and nature for K-12 classes on field trips
  • High quality curriculum-based programs that include hands-on activities and investigations, nature hikes, educational games, and encounters with resident animals such as snakes, rats, frogs, etc.

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